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Trans Trenderz Announces Collaboration with Studio G Brooklyn

Trans Trenderz is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with Studio G Brooklyn which will pair Black Trans musicians with Grammy Award caliber industry professionals throughout the entire process of producing and releasing their projects.


Studio G Brooklyn has been a creative base of operations since 1994 in Williamsburg, with tracks made there with people like Mos Def, Norah Jones, Talib Kweli, Pretty Lights (Grammy nominated), Bomba Estereo (latin Grammy nominated), Gaby Moreno (Latin Grammy) and many many many more… 

Meanwhile, Trans Trenderz was founded in 2016 by Blxck Cxsper (they/them), a black non binary hip hop artist from Montreal, Quebec and has thus far operated without any resources. Yet, they’ve been breaking barriers in the trans musical community: producing the world’s first all trans made mixtape and hosting the first Trans music awards show for example.


This is a historical, unprecedented opportunity for the Black Trans creative community that both Trans Trenderz and Studio G Brooklyn hope will inspire other areas of the music industry to follow.

“It’s time for the gatekeepers to make space for Black Trans musicians. Music is such a powerful tool and I believe that everybody would benefit from these narratives being more present in the mainstream world.”

  • Blxck Cxsper


The first artists to benefit from this collaboration: Apollo Flowerchild (they/them) and Heather Hills (she/her) are set to start recording in Studio G Brooklyn’s facilities this upcoming week.

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