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With our record label,
ee empower transgender artists, offering industry guidance, project releases, and career resources without taking royalties.

Trans Trenderz is a groundbreaking record label dedicated to empowering and supporting up and coming transgender artists. Our mission is to guide and mentor emerging talent, providing them with invaluable knowledge about the music industry and assisting them in releasing their first professional projects.

Unlike traditional record labels, Trans Trenderz operates with a unique approach: We do not take a share of the royalties earned by our artists, allowing them to retain full ownership of their creative work.

We firmly believe in fostering artist autonomy and ensuring they receive the recognition and rewards they deserve.

Our commitment to artist development extends beyond the duration of their contract with Trans Trenderz. We offer comprehensive resources and connect our artists with valuable industry contacts, empowering them to continue building their careers even after their association with our label concludes. We prioritize long-term sustainability and growth for our artists, fostering a supportive network that propels them forward.

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