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By selling merch, we aim to make a difference by directing our profits towards supporting and uplifting Black Trans individuals in the music industry.

At Trans Trenderz, we are thrilled to introduce our sub-brand, Bootleg Pride, and share why selling merch is so vital to our mission. As a platform dedicated to highlighting and elevating Black Trans individuals in the music industry, it is essential that we extend our support beyond music alone.

By creating and selling merch through Bootleg Pride, we can generate the necessary funds to directly contribute to projects that empower and uplift Black Trans musicians. We understand the unique challenges and barriers they face, from systemic discrimination to limited access to resources, and we are committed to breaking down those barriers.

Supporting Black Trans musicians is crucial because their talent, creativity, and artistry have consistently shaped and transformed the music landscape. Yet, their contributions have often been overlooked or underrepresented. Through Bootleg Pride, we strive to amplify their voices and provide them with the opportunities they deserve.

When you purchase our merch, you become an active participant in our mission. Each item you wear not only showcases your pride and support but also serves as a symbol of unity and solidarity within the community. Together, we can ensure that Black Trans musicians receive the recognition, visibility, and financial backing they need to thrive.

By choosing Bootleg Pride, you are not only acquiring unique, retro-inspired designs but also making a tangible impact. Your support directly contributes to funding projects that provide resources, platforms, and mentorship to Black Trans musicians, fostering their artistic growth and success.

Trans Trenderz and Bootleg Pride stand firmly behind our commitment to empowering Black Trans musicians, both through our music platform and our merch. Together, let's celebrate their talent, challenge the status quo, and create a more inclusive and equitable music industry where all voices are heard and celebrated.

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