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Live Events

We curate transformative live concerts, centering trans artists, booking talents beyond our label, and collaborating with diverse event organizers.

At Trans Trenderz, we are passionate about organizing live concerts that center the extraordinary talent of black trans artists. Our events provide a platform for these artists to showcase their creativity, express their unique voices, and captivate audiences with their remarkable performances. We curate unforgettable experiences that celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and the vibrant contributions of the black trans community to the music industry.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of our approach. We actively engage with other event organizers who share our vision of promoting representation and amplifying trans voices. By joining forces, we create powerful synergies that expand our reach, broaden our impact, and provide even greater opportunities for black trans artists to shine on stage. Together, we build a network of support and solidarity within the music community, fostering a culture of inclusivity and mutual upliftment.

At Trans Trenderz, we go beyond organizing concerts. We actively recommend talented trans artists to event planners and promoters, helping to connect them with a broader array of performance opportunities. By facilitating these connections, we empower artists to further their careers, expand their audiences, and break new ground. Additionally, we are dedicated to sharing opportunities within the trans community, ensuring that aspiring artists have access to information about auditions, gigs, and other relevant avenues for artistic growth. Through these efforts, we strive to nurture a thriving community where trans artists can thrive and flourish in their artistic journeys.

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