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because we're more than a record label ;)


Trans Trenderz organizes and participates in live shows, booking artists of all genres, and making sure that transgender people get on stage. Additionally, Trans Trenderz has hosted a monthly open mic at NYC's Think Coffee, bringing together queer and trans musicians, poets, comedians, and performance artists to support each other's development. 

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Trans Trenderz got its start as a label when it released a mixtape made 100% by transgender / gender non-conforming artists. This mixtape was a collection of 19 songs released in November 2016. They use the mixtape artform as a way to bring together trans musicians from across the country and world.

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The Trans Trenderz Music Awards  is an award show celebrating the talents of transgender and gender non-conforming artists. Categories range all genres, and include music video and album art awards. Last year's ceremony, took place in Brooklyn, NY at MayDay Space & featured performances from local and artists from across the USA. 

Empty Classroom


Trans Trenderz provides educational workshops for schools, universities, camps and confrerences covering a wide range of topics like transness, identity and creation, and technical art and music skills.

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The Ghostly Beats Project mobilizes allies to provide much needed resources to black trans artists. These resources include, but are not limited to recording / mixing / mastering services, financial help with distribution, graphic design, music video creation, and branding/marketing, all completely free of charge .

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Trans Trenderz provides label services to artists and provides recording / mixing / mastering, distribution, video production, branding / marketing, and management to signed artists all for free with no recoup cost.

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