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“This EP was made surrounded by love. Love for oneself, love for one another, and love for our community.”

- lady londyn -


PRIDE was created in collaboration with the ATQ, a Quebec based organization which aims to support trans and gender non-conforming people before, during and after their transitional journey.

This collaboration also led to the production of the title track's music video, directed by French cinematographer Amandine Navarro.
The music video was shot in both Montréal and Los Angeles. And because of COVID-19 restrictions, Amandine has to direct the Los Angeles shooting entirely through video chat!

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“Londyn and I have never met in person yet Pride is the second project we produced together (see; Splash). The pandemic has made things challenging for sure but in a way it's also pushed us to be more resourceful.”

- blxck cxsper -


The title song off the EP 'Pride' premiered in Facebook's #MoreTogether Pride campaign, which gathered hundreds of thousands of views across different social media platforms and featured artists from the label.

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“We live in a world where everybody is constantly trying to see us fail. But as long as you remind faithful to who you are and prioritize love above all else, nobody can ever take your pride away.”

- blxck cxsper -


The music from the EP Pride has been featured in the following playlists:


- blxck cxsper -

Featured on Billboard's 2021 Change Agents list, Blxck Cxsper is a multi disciplinary hip hop artist and founder of Trans Trenderz.

- lady londyn -

Representing Los Angeles, California is Lady Londyn, rapper extraordinaire who is known for her sharp delivery and unapologetic pride.


- trans trenderz -
more than a record label

    Trans Trenderz was launched in 2016 when hip hop artist Blxck Cxsper curated and produced a mixtape of the same name, featuring 14 other Trans artists.

    The feeling at the release party was unlike anything they had experienced before. “You could feel how excited people were to finally see Trans folks on stage. It didn't feel like a show, more like a family reunion,” they explain. “There was no hierarchy between the artist and the audience, everybody was contributing to the love in that room in their own way.”

    Wanting to continue to provide that space for themselves and other like-minded artists, Trans Trenderz officially evolved into a record label, signing Transgender and gender non-conforming acts.


    In June of 2020, when the Black Lives Matter movement regained traction, Cxsper offered to make beats for other Black Trans artists. Within days, 30 artists reached out to them to collaborate. Around the same time, Myla, a Black Trans woman from Dallas, TX, contacted Cxsper wanting to donate some of her PUA money to help Black Trans people. They decided to use the funds to cover release costs for Black Trans musicians, and a new endeavor, The Ghostly Beats Project, was born.

    As soon as it was announced, Black Trans artists and allies alike began to get in touch to become involved, and it has continued to grow from there. More than a label, Trans Trenderz is a movement, uplifting  Black Trans Voices through creative collaboration and supporting each other as a family.