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Our New Forum

As part of The Ghostly Beats Project, Trans Trenderz has launched a new forum we're excited to share with you. Its main goal is to connect allies' skills and resources with Black Trans Artists who need it.

It works like this:

If you're a Black Trans Artist, you can post requests for services, ask questions, share insights and milestones, etc, and an industry pro with experience and knowledge can assist if needed, or we can all rally around you and give support. If you're someone who, for example, is a great graphic designer and wants to offer that service to a Black Trans Artist for free, you can post about it in the forum for Black Trans Artists to browse.

Beyond posting Requests and Opportunities, there are plenty of other forum sections dedicated to every part of the industry. Did you read a really interesting article about branding? Drop it in the forum in the appropriate section and share the knowledge. Sharing is caring, as they say ;)

So feel free to make an account, poke around, and make yourself comfortable. Don't forget to introduce yourself in The Lobby.

Additionally, the Trans Trenderz will be posting opportunities as they come up on our end too, with the chance for artists to apply to be involved.

<3 We're so excited to see you there! <3

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