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Making It Wet in A Big Way

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Trans Trenderz – Splash (ft. Heather Hills, Lady Londyn, Jupiter Gray, Jae & Blxck Cxsper)

Making waves in the contemporary music scene, Splash was profiled in PAPER magazine on October 23, explaining the Charlies Angels visuals and the need to "openly and publicly love and support trans women" (Blxck Cxsper).

The track opens with an android voice loading one in the chamber; a nod to TLC’s hit 1999 album, FanMail. Lady Londyn warns us that it’s about to get drippy, then immediately Heather Hills drops bars celebrating her ability to run shit, one pussy pop at a time. The trap beat supports this form of empowerment, giving trans women access to their own bodies, their unapologetic representation, and giving permission to fans to also “do what they want.”

Lady Londyn gets tagged in, dusting haters off and affirming their irrelevance. A lyrical heavyweight, Londyn creates a persona that has the same swagger of Nicki, in high heeled Timberland boots. Slipping comfortably into French, listeners nod along to Blxck Cxsper's edict “I fuck when I want.” This freedom is enough to certify Splash as an anthem.

Jupiter Gray comes in rapping followed by Jæ, singing. Repping Puerto Rico, Jæ is clearly crazy, sexy, cool; she embodies the lineage of female artists of yesteryear up until today’s takeover of artists of all identities. Gray places herself among the best of them.

Being in control of the power of the p-u-s-s-y yields a body positivity that is in the same lane as Lil Kim and Cardi B, but unlike early influences, this is not a girl group. Instead, this is an example of the art that can be created when femmes work together and create space for themselves and each other. The song is memorable because there is unity, but also diversity. Catch the vibe here:

And the Paper Mag premiere here:

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