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   Founded in 2016 by Hip Hop artist Blxck Cxsper, Trans Trenderz is a record label and production house dedicated to uplifting trans voices in the music industry. 


   It all began with a mixtape, the world's first to be entirely written, produced and engineered by trans people. Produced and curated by Blxck Cxsper, the mixtape featured 14 Trans artists from different backgrounds. The feeling at the release party was unlike anything Cxsper had experienced before.


“You could feel how excited people were to finally see Trans folks on stage. It didn't feel like a show, more like a family reunion,” Blxck Cxsper explains. “There was no hierarchy between the artist and the audience, everybody was contributing to the love in that room in their own way.”


Wanting to continue to provide that space for themselves and other like-minded artists, Trans Trenderz officially evolved into a record label, signing Transgender and gender non-conforming acts. 

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The Trans Trenderz are the definition of the underdog: we are a very small team of volunteers operating with close to 0 budget fighting for a place in an industry that has never included us yet we have been making some noise: We've appeared in some of the most prestigious music publications such as Grammy, Billboard, PAPER, them., Bust and more!


Our founder, Blxck Cxsper has even been recognized as one of the top 100 influential music executives in the industry, thanks to Billboard's 2021 Change Agents List; and one of CBC's Black Changemakers.


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   Since the birth of the label in 2016, Trans Trenderz has released music from over 25 artists of different backgrounds, covering a wide array of music genres.


We have also collaborated with numerous other artists via the different initiatives we have been leading throughout the years:


- Trans Musicians Facebook Group -

In 2014, Cxsper founded a Facebook Group which would then become attached to Trans Trenderz. This group allows transgender and gender-non-conforming musicians to connect, share their work and even has a mentorship system in place.
The group was featured in the international #MoreTogether Facebook Pride campaign in June 2021 in a series of ads which not only featured the latest Trans Trenderz hit 'Pride' but also starred Blxck Cxsper, Lady Londyn, Jæ, Heather Hills and Apollo Flowerchild.


- The Trans Trenderz Music Awards -

In September 2019, we hosted the world's first music awards show dedicated to trans and gender-non-conforming musicians.

Artists like Mya Byrne, CJ Run, Size Of Sadness and Mikko Blaze were amongst the award winners and made the trip to New York City to attend the event, which also included over a dozen public figures from the community here to present the different award categories.


- Ghostly Beats Project -

This initiative aims to pair Black Trans musicians with industry professionals who are willing to donate their services for free.


- Trans Trenderz x Studio G Brooklyn -

In June 2020, we entered a collaborative relationship with world class recording facilities at Studio G Brooklyn, where our artists now have access to free studio time.