Trans Trenderz is a non-profit record label which aims to develop and showcase trans artists.

Our story begins in 2016 at the Albatross Bar in New York City.
Lucas Charlie Rose, black trans hip-hop artist had just curated and produced the world's first all-trans hip-hop mixtape. Featuring 14 artists from all over the world, the mixtape was released during a live show which had the most diverse audience any of us had ever seen.

Following this experience, we wanted to do more.

The mixtape turned into a non-profit record label, providing trans musicians with a platform to let their creativity roam free and not have to worry about their narratives being edited. 

Not only are we a label for trans musicians, not a single person working with us is cisgender.

Everything that you see is made by trans people: the music productions, the graphics, the music videos, the branding, everything. And because we believe that the folks working behind the scenes are as important as our artists, you will be able to meet and interact with them too ;)

©2019 Trans Trenderz

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